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Silver Brooch

Find the perfect silver brooch from our online boutique

When an outfit needs that extra touch of something special, a brooch can be the perfect way to punctuate your look. A silver brooch from Parriss Jewellers will suit your style, adding an air of panache to your ensemble.See more.

The brooch has been an item of decorative wear for centuries. Sometimes it has been worn simply to impress, to denote position or even for mourning. A brooch can be a dazzling piece of costume jewellery as well as something that holds a great deal of meaning to the wearer.

Our silver brooch collection includes a fascinating selection of themes and designs, created to suit many tastes. And what you can be sure of is that each piece has been chosen for its uniqueness and quality. We choose only the best in quality costume and fashion jewellery and proudly bring these pieces to you.

When it comes to different designs and styles, you'll love our amazing selection. We bring you silver brooches in the styles of all manner of flora and fauna, as well as pieces inspired by famous artists. The majestic dragonfly is a popular shape for an elegant brooch, due to its long, tapering body and stunning wings. Similarly, the bumblebee, with its lovely, chunky look represents abundance and prosperity.

You'll also find intriguing pieces inspired by the work of Antoni Gaudi, which draws from the artist's love for organic, abstract shapes. Or perhaps the Art Deco lines of Rennie Mackintosh's style is more to your taste, evoking the sophisticated elegance of the 1920's and 30's. For all styles and tastes, there's a silver brooch to fit the bill at Parriss Jewellers.

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