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Enamel Jewellery

Original enamel jewellery and accessories for men and women at Parriss Jewellers

For dazzling colours and amazing shades, shop at our boutique for an impressive selection of enamel jewellery. These remarkable pieces really stand out, thanks to the richness of the tones that enamelling creates. See more.

By adding finely powdered, coloured glass, and placed under heat, the resulting effects can be incredible. Enamel jewellery has a real vibrancy, which shimmers as it catches the light. These enamel details give gold and silver jewellery a whole new dimension that will coordinate with your look.

Sometimes referred to a cloisonné jewellery, as the powdered glass is poured into wire frames called cloisonnes, the effect of this jewellery is amazing. From necklaces to earrings, bracelets to brooches, rings and more, the selection at our boutique is positively enchanting. We have enamel jewellery for men as well as women, with a broad choice of handsome cufflinks and accessories.

These traditional methods have been brought up to date for the 21st century. By fusing fired glass and sterling silver, true vitreous enamel is created, bursting with an effervescent lustre that never fades. The techniques of artisans that produced dazzling pieces for Lalique, Tiffany and Fabergé are not forgotten, but embellished upon, with the addition of gems such as rubies, amethyst, topaz, diamonds and sapphires. This is not simply jewellery, these pieces are works of art in their own right.

These pieces make fabulous gifts, as they are full of amazing themes and designs. For fans of wildlife, the choice of jewellery inspired by the animal kingdom and the countryside is bursting with variety. These are the perfect present ideas for animal lovers, with insects, birds, lizards and a whole host of beautifully designed pieces.

You'll see delicate flower jewellery too, intricately crafted to reflect a subtle, natural beauty. Pale pinks, deep purples, iridescent blues, exotic reds and so many shades in between, make these pieces shimmer with life. Enjoy the selection of cute, fun, sexy and stylish pieces of enamel jewellery at Parriss Jewellers. We know that you'll find the perfect thing from among our versatile range.

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