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You will find lots of unique sterling jewellery, gold jewellery and other jewellery in exciting new materials that include the twelve monthly birthstones throughout our site. Below is the traditional list of birthstones with the descriptions and ancient meanings for each stone.

January - Garnet
Faith, Eternity, Truth

Garnets were named after the Latin word 'granatus' meaning seed, due to their resemblance to the pomegranate's deep red seeds. Garnets are said to protect the wearer on their travels and to symbolise vitality.

February - Amethyst
Luck, Wit, Health

Amethyst is a variety of quartz with a rich purple colour. The ancient Greeks believed it had a sobering effect on the wearer and today it is still considered a stabilising force.

March -Aquamarine
Happiness, Understanding

Traditionally, aquamarine is believed to provide courage, peace, intuition, self-expression and happiness. This clear turquoise stone is reputed to be a symbol of joy, hope and health - the perfect anniversary gift.

April - Diamond
Eternity, Courage, Health

Diamonds are a symbol of everlasting love. The hardest of all the gems, the name comes from the Greek 'adamas' meaning invincible. It is believed to enhance relationships and increase inner strength.

May - Emerald
Fidelity, Goodness, Love

According to gemlore, emerald is believed to bring love, sensitivity, enhance memory, mental capacity and eliminate negativity. Due to its brilliant green colour the emerald has always been associated with growth, fertility and abundance.

June - Pearl
Peace, Nobility, Beauty

Traditionally, pearls are believed to bring purity, faith, innocence, wisdom, and sincerity to the wearer. Pearls come in a variety of shapes and hues. A symbol of modesty and purity they are often given to celebrate a marriage or the birth of a child.

July- Ruby
Love, Enthusiasm, Strength

According to gem lore, rubies are believed to bring spiritual wisdom, attainment of values, economic stability and protection from distress. Traditionally the gemstone of the sun, ruby is said to bestow success, wealth and longevity on the wearer.

August -Peridot
Success, Peace, Luck

Gemstone lore has it that peridot can bring warmth, friendliness, understanding, and openness in love and relationships. Symbolic of growth and vitality, historically this clear green stone was valued for its protective powers, especially when set in gold.

September -Sapphire
Serenity, Truth

Sapphire is believed to bring Joy, peace, prosperity, fulfilment of dreams and enhance beauty and intuition. Although most popular in blue, sapphires come in all colours except red. Sapphires are reputed to be symbolic of wisdom and understanding.

October - Opal
Purity, Hope, Health

According to gem lore, opal is believed to soothe depression and help the wearer find true love! It also promotes creativity, spontaneity, happiness and improves memory. White opal is a milky white stone with mysterious, iridescent qualities. A gift of opal is said to be symbolic of faithfulness.

November - Topaz
Wisdom, Courage, Sincerity

Topaz is believed to bring true love, success in endeavours, understanding of relationships, expression of ideas, trust, health and growth. Typically a warm golden orange or yellow stone, but also blue, its rarity has led to its association with confidence and success.

December - Turquoise
Love, Happiness, Luck

According to gem lore, turquoise is believed to relieve depression and enhance confidence. If given as a gift, turquoise is considered a sign of friendship. Turquoise has long been thought to confer protection against misfortune or harm and throughout the ages has been worn as an amulet.


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