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Buy jewellery featuring dazzling birthstones

Making a unique and thoughtful gift, we have an incredible collection of jewellery that incorporates birthstones to represent their birth month. These are the perfect present idea for your loved ones, celebrating their birthday with this beautiful jewellery.

Each month has corresponding birthstones, chosen because of their ability to bring health and good fortune. Each month is paired with a birthstone that is at the height of its powers for that period. Below is a list of months, and their corresponding birthstones to help you find the right piece of jewellery.

  • January: Garnet - Said to offer a feeling of stability and regeneration in your life.
  • February: Amethyst - For inner strength, some believe it may help to battle addictions.
  • March: Aquamarine - When you need extra fortitude and aquamarine provides energy to tackle difficult challenges.
  • April: Diamond - Believed to cleanse and draw toxins from the body
  • May: Emerald - Emerald represents love, passion and romance, whether you're looking for love or re-energising your relationship.
  • June: Pearl - Pearl centres your emotions and create a feeling of balance.
  • July: Ruby - Ruby is a stone that is supposed to bring good fortune and inspire generosity.
  • August: Peridot - For reducing nervousness and offering clarity in tense situations.
  • September: Sapphire - Helping you to find a little bit of peace, enabling meditation and self expression.
  • October: Opal - Can aid in the decision making process, improving faith in oneself.
  • November: Topaz - Improves trust in world around you, and universal harmony, enabling a change in your life.
  • December: Turquoise - Allows you to learn from the past with an unbiased perspective. Also thought to have healing powers.

Shop for incredible pieces of stunning jewellery featuring these amazing birthstones at Parriss Jewellers today!

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