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Modern Rings

Dazzling style at Parriss Jewellers

Two Ring Diamond 18ct white Gold contemporary Ring

While classic jewellery never goes out of style, the classics of each age all have their own special radiance, and the most cutting-edge designs can showcase timeless gemstones in a way that highlights their beauty like nothing else. Whether your taste leans more to sterling silver jewellery, lustrous gold, sleek platinum, riots of colour, or anything diamond, you're bound to find something to take your breath away in our beautiful collection of designer modern rings.

The stunning diamond and 18ct white gold design pictured above demonstrates what can be achieved in terms of no holds barred brilliance. This two-ring piece features a 20 point diamond solitaire ring matched perfectly with a total 24pt diamond swirl ring, framing beauty with beauty to produce an exceptionally compelling form.

White Rose Diamond & Enamel Silver Contemporary Ring

If you're looking for something special with which to usher in the summer, then our white rose ring in diamond, enamel and sterling silver could be just the thing. Its engraved petal pattern, enamelled in the Basse Taille method, gently sets off the central stone, while the anti-tarnish finish adds an extra shine to the whole piece.

For more contemporary and summery choices across every price range, be sure to browse the rest of our beautiful and unique selection of modern rings, each of which is available for order online or in our Sheringham store.

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