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Ruby - The Birthstone for July

The King of Gemstones, Ruby is so desirable

July is nearly upon us and I am certain that this year it is going to be a scorcher! as the red tops headlines would state. Talking of red, it is quite a significant colour for July


Fascinating Amber

A few facts and myths about amber

A few amusing and interesting facts about amber and it's history in jewellery to accompanying all of the new amber jewellery we have just added to our website.


Marcasite Sterling Jewellery

Stunning style throughout the ages

Contemporary marcasite and sterling silver heart brooch.

Deep and lustrous, marcasite has been celebrated as a fascinating gemstone throughout human history. Up until the modern era, the word marcasite was used to refer to iron sulfide minerals in general, and while the modern scientific use of the word now applies to only one polymorph of iron pyrite, the traditional use of the term continues in the world of jewellery, where marcasite is today used to refer to small polished and faceted stones of pyrite inlaid in sterling silver, such as those in our current collection of sterling jewellery.

The ancient Greeks, the Romans and the Incas all made use of marcasite in their jewellery, and attributed strengthening and invigorating properties to this beautiful material. Meditating upon pyrite has long been said to remedy intellectual and nervous fatigue, and to provide a boost to one's vitality and mental clarity, even to the point of sparking creativity and aiding communication between the conscious and unconscious mind. The ancient Greeks were the ones to name pyrite after the word 'pyr', meaning fire, because of its ability to form sparks when struck against flint or steel. Many ancient civilisations saw fit to use polished pyrite slabs for scrying based on these energising and clarifying properties, including the Mayans and the Aztecs. The ancient Chinese are said to have believed that pyrite could guard against crocodile attacks; I'd guess that would depend on the weight and heft of each particular stone.


Top 10 finds: unique silver jewellery

Stand out from the crowd with some of the most beautiful and unusual jewellery around.

Monet Waterlillies silver bangle.

Everyone deserves at least one absolute favourite piece of jewellery; something beautiful and lasting, something which makes you smile every time you see it on the sideboard or in the mirror. We're always on the lookout for timeless and unique silver jewellery with the potential to become someone's most cherished necklace or bracelet.

Here are our current top ten of these finds, each a design that made us stop and take a long second look.


Modern Rings

Dazzling style at Parriss Jewellers

Two Ring Diamond 18ct white Gold contemporary Ring

While classic jewellery never goes out of style, the classics of each age all have their own special radiance, and the most cutting-edge designs can showcase timeless gemstones in a way that highlights their beauty like nothing else. Whether your taste leans more to sterling silver jewellery, lustrous gold, sleek platinum, riots of colour, or anything diamond, you're bound to find something to take your breath away in our beautiful collection of designer modern rings.

The stunning diamond and 18ct white gold design pictured above demonstrates what can be achieved in terms of no holds barred brilliance. This two-ring piece features a 20 point diamond solitaire ring matched perfectly with a total 24pt diamond swirl ring, framing beauty with beauty to produce an exceptionally compelling form.